Average patient’s “no-show” rate in the Saudi private healthcare sector is 30%. The economic effects of patient “no-shows” is more than 4.5 Billion SAR.

Calculate the impact of patients not attending appointments in your institution.



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Clinicy’s impact on our clients

less required human capital

reduction in daily manual operations

services and reminders automation

reduction of no-show

Extensive Institution & Authority Control

Medical Institution Management Overseeing and managing branches operations and personnel activities through a unified channel.

Users & Authority Management designed user authority matrix & privileges for owners, admin, coordinators & medical practitioners.


Advanced Scheduling Management

Practitioners Time Management
  • Assigning working hours depending on practitioner’s availability, specialty & service duration.
  • Customize working hours for specific period or month capped to return to original schedule.
  • Applying busy-time to hold new bookings for a specific period & rebooking all appointments in similar timing.
Medical Appointments Management
  • Booking appointments per available time slots and service duration with options to modify and cancel appointments.
  • Waiting appointments control and with a priority of confirmation depending on patient’s attendance behavior & history.
  • Appointments overbook to manage exceptional appointments when given schedule is full.

Detailed Invoicing & Account Balance

Appointments Invoices Management Tailored generated invoices covering all payment of services in compliance with Zatca VAT standards.

Account Balance Management Calculating patients' payment plan and tracing account balance (paid, unpaid & withdrawn) amounts.

Effective Notification & Control

A fully integrated communication tool complementing an effective scheduling management.